Oklahoma’s demographics are changing. In the coming years, we’ll become a minority-majority state. With this shift comes opportunity. It also brings challenges – especially in the context of modern civil rights, as diverse populations struggle to understand one another.

It’s time for leaders from across the state – from all walks, all races – to come together, to listen, learn, and understand. It’s time for a lengthy conversation about race and race relations in Oklahoma.

That’s exactly what Advancing Oklahoma is. Partnering with five well-established statewide nonprofits, Advancing Oklahoma brings together leaders from across the state to address this topic head-on.

We’ll hear from experts in the field – inside Oklahoma and from across the country. We’ll study demographics, attitudes, and our history. We’ll discuss race relations in the context of our school system, business, government, criminal justice system, and our place on the global stage. We’ll examine how we relate to one another, where we fall short, and how we can do better.

It won’t necessarily be easy. But it’s sure to be illuminating. It’s the only way together we can advance Oklahoma.