In June 2021, the program kicks off with the first of eleven monthly two-hour sessions.

Programs will take place via Zoom, thus eliminating travel time and costs for participants. Sessions will feature speakers, panelists, multimedia presentations, and interactive small groups. As a bonus, participants will be invited to take part in book- and documentary-discussion groups. Program content promises to be enlightening, challenging, and inspiring.

Programs take place from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Speakers and subject matter experts are now being recruited. Topics will be as follows:

Date Focus Topic
October 14, 2021Image

How Oklahoma’s views on race affects its reputation, recruitment of business, visitors, and conventions, and its place on the national stage

December 9, 2021Everyday Conversations

Discussing race and racism in everyday settings: at home, at work, in social circles, and online

November 17, 2021Criminal Justice

Understanding race in the state’s criminal justice system: law enforcement, the courts system, and among prison populations

January 13, 2022Civics

What civic involvement, representation, the census, and elections means to minority populations

February 17, 2022Business

What Oklahoma can do to build and attract more top-level businesspersons of color; how to build a more vibrant minority-owned business climate; the business community’s role in race relations

March 10, 2022Advocacy

Black Lives Matter, Hispanic Heritage Month and Indigenous People’s Day: what modern movements in social justice means to Oklahoma

April 14, 2022The Future; Conclusion

Viewing Oklahoma through the eyes of our younger generations, i.e., teens through Millennials; how to apply the lessons of this yearlong program